Welcome to the Baptist Youth Camp of the Ozarks web page, formally known as Sagmount Baptist Youth Camp. This page is placed here for continuing information about the third weeks of June and July. These are the two weeks that we have for hosting youth departments from area Fundamental, Independent, Bible-believing Baptist Churches.

We have rented the facilities at Sagmount Baptist Camp for many years and look forward to hosting youth camp there for many years to come.

The Lord has surely blessed over the years in the Salvation of young people, the calling of young people into direct service for the Lord, and the source of great friendships in the ministry of these two camps. There is no doubt that Sagmount is one of the highlights of the year for many of the young people who attend.

In 2020 we have scheduled Bro. Joe Decker Sr. for our Junior Camp and Bro. Dean Herring for our Senior Camp. Both of these men know and are committed to the ministry of Christ in youth camps. We are very grateful that their schedules have a date with us.

If your church is looking for a Youth Camp that preaches and practices the old time standards and is not ashamed of the name Baptist, then Baptist Youth Camp of the Ozarks would be worth looking into. The Committee of Pastors and I, who direct this camp are doing our best to keep our camps in line with the standards and convictions of the churches who participate.

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